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Season 6 - Shattered Dominion

Animosity Campaigns are annual five-week narrative events, set in the Mortal Realms of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. These "main" campaigns usually begin in July each year. Animosity Weekenders are shorter "One Turn" narrative events, usually lasing around 10 days.

Featuring team strategy and collaborative storytelling, Animosity Campaigns invites you to forge your narrative alongside players from around the world in the internet’s best WARHAMMER Age of Sigmar global narrative events!  From 2004 to 2014 , Animosity Campaigns was the internet’s premier Narrative Play community for WARHAMMER Fantasy Battles. Now heading toward our sixth major global narrative event in 2024,  Team Animosity has been working to bring this incredible experience into the Age of Sigmar since 2019.


On this website you will start to discover an entire theatre of war, complete with maps, histories, and dramatis personae. Because each campaign is built atop the previous one, our player’s stories literally shape the fate of our settings.


Rallying around an NPC we call a Figurehead, Coalitions are player teams in conflict with one another. Talk tactics with your team, write group narratives together, and engage other Coalitions in epic battles or cunning diplomacy. You’ll be able to register for a Coalition , on our Discord, ahead of each campaign during a period we call Da Warpath.


Each turn, players submit Reports. These might be a game you’ve played, a model you’ve painted, a story you’ve written, an illustration, a diorama, or almost anything else you can imagine. These reports are placed toward one of three Narrative Paths unique to your Coalition; the more reports submitted to each Narrative Path, the greater chance it will succeed! In real time, Team Animosity gather up your Reports and forge them into our weekly Unfolding Narrative, creating a truly open-ended campaign experience where YOU decide the outcome.

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Our 2023 next Narrative Campaign

Animosity VI - Shattered Dominion

Charge into battle!

 1st July - 3rd August 2024


VI Shattered Dominion