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Season 6 - Shattered Dominion

The World-That-Was

After Games Workshop’s 2003 Storm of Chaos worldwide campaign supplement, Animosity Campaigns was established as the premier Warhammer Fantasy Battle campaign community on the internet. Between 2004 and 2014, nearly 900 players participated in 12 campaigns, culminating in over 8,000 threads and 175,000 posts.

  • Animosity 1, circa 2004

Following the end of the Storm of Chaos, the greenskin horde known as Da Warpath had splintered after the death of their biggest boss, Uruk Windreaver. Men, Elves, Dwarfs, Northmen and Skaven found themselves caught up in a savage war of succession as the Mob of Warlords fought each other to re-unite Da Warpath under a single Warboss.

You can still visit the original Animosity forum where it all started here.

  • Animosity 2 – “Sands of War”, circa 2007

Treason against the Sheikh of Araby cast the nation into bloody conflict. As the forces of Order rallied around the palaces of the Sheikh Tariq Abbas, the malevolent practitioners of dark magic moved to aid the rebellion of Caliph Haseem. Pirates along the coast exploited the turmoil to pillage and plunder, and a mighty Greenskin Waaagh! descended on the land, eager to reclaim their stomping grounds from the Tomb Kings of Khemri.

  • Animosity 3, circa 2008

The civil war continued, with Bretonnia fighting to prop up their new vassal government in Araby.

  • Animosity 3.5 – “Battle uv da Bosses”, circa 2009

It was revealed Araby had actually been spared the worst of the orc rampage, as the greenskins were simply too busy bashing each other elsewhere.

  • Animosity 4, circa 2009

A new war began in distant Cathay, far beyond the Worlds Edge Mountains. While the Anointed of Chaos besieged the great northern wall and the Ghost Fang Waaagh! laid waste to Nippon and the coast, the settlers known as the Outcasts sought to make a new home for themselves in the south. To the north, the mercenary companies of the Order of the Dragon Shield fought to stabilize the war-torn nation, while to the east, the ogres of the Great Migration made mutually beneficial deal with a provincial governor.

  • Animosity 4.5 – “Land of the Risin’ Waaagh!”, circa 2010

The aftermath of the war in Cathay spills over into the archipelago of Nippon, where the survivors of the Outcasts, the merchants and mercenaries of the Great Migration and Order of the Dragon Shield, and the raider warlords of the Anointed and the Ghost Fang Waaagh! fought to claim their fortunes.

  • Animosity 5 – “Estalian Sun”, circa 2011

South of the Old World, the nation of Estalia was torn apart as the armies of Araby, Bretonnia, the Skaven, the Asrai and the Druchii, and those mightiest of the native city-states fought to determine the fate of an entire country. Among the shadows, the Cult of the Eyeless summoned the rogue Chaos god Malal who then consumed three of the four Dark Gods, forever banishing them from the Warhammer World.

  • Animosity 5.5 – “Claws of the Sea”, circa 2011

With the servants of the Dark Gods on the defensive, a bitter nautical battle was waged across the icy waters of the Sea of Claws to secure beachheads in Norsca. Meanwhile, the actions of a single wayward Witch Hunter brought disaster to the ancient friendship between the Empire and the Dwarfs, while an enigmatic storm at sea concealed a terrible secret.

  • Animosity 6 – “Scales of the North”, circa 2012

The nation of Kislev avenges itself upon its once-besiegers, as all-out war spreads upward through Troll Country toward the Chaos Wastes. The Dwarfs reclaim a long-lost hold from the greenskins and the Skaven, while a saint thought to be the second coming of Sigmar did battle with a servant of Chaos thought defeated a decade earlier in Cathay.

  • Animosity 6.5 – “Threads of Fate”, circa 2013

Some time after the events in Estalia and Kislev, the winds of magic began to fail in the absence of the Dark Gods. Battle was joined before the gates of the Academy, a secret college of magic deep in the Southlands which claimed to possess a new source of arcane power.

  • Animosity 6.6 – “Serpents of Dwarapur”, circa 2013

In the Indish city of Dwarapur, deadly games of political intrigue were settled by violence as powers foreign and domestic struggled for influence and control of the city’s many assets.

  • Animosity 6.7 – “Vipers of the Sea”, circa 2014

Upon the Sea of Dread, ship captains fought as merchants, privateers, or pirates, seeking to earn wealth and glory in that treacherous strip of water between the Southlands and Ind.

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