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Season 6 - Shattered Dominion

Welcome to Animosity VI - The Shattered Dominion! This is a five week, five turn unofficial global narrative event for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Warcry, and Soulbound. To participate, players will join a Coalition of other players around the world in our Discord server and, each turn, submit up to three Reports through a provided Google Form in support of a non-player character we call a Figurehead.

These Reports consist of playing games, building and painting models, writing short stories, and even things like drawing illustrations or recording audio dramas. Players allocate all of their submitted Reports to one of three Narrative Paths per turn (imagine a combination between “choose your own adventure” and a tug of war). Each Narrative Path is presented with a victory condition, and your Coalition must attempt to win as many Paths each turn as they can.

The Story So Far

This event takes place immediately after January’s Animosity Weekender 2024 - Rolling Thunder global narrative event. Having been imprisoned in the frozen heart of a shackled Everwinter since the Age of Chaos, the orruk warlord and self-proclaimed Son of Gorkamorka Mogrek Longblade walks the Mortal Realms once more. His body the size of a Bloodthirster, Mogrek’s terrible Waaagh! energy has animated an army of Rogue Idols, great stone gargants roughly hewn in the image of orruks. 

Long ago, Mogrek boasted that he would breach the gates of Azyr, where even the Chaos Gods had failed, and knock Sigmar from his complacent throne. Single-minded in his pursuit, with an army of rogue idols in one fist and an Everwinter in the other, Mogrek has led his horde upriver into the Prime Dominion, an isolated aelven kingdom which fled into exile during the Spirefall and never embraced the teachings of Teclis’s Reinvention.

Facing catastrophe, Iscarneth leader Ceraph Dariel the Resplendent has mustered a tenuous alliance of strange bedfellows to save his domain from Waaagh! Mogrek. Undesirables gather around Grey Seer Likspit in defense of their homes and ambitions, while aspiring champions answer the summons of the Chaos lord Qarang Sarn; the armies of Azyr march behind an unproven Knight-Arcanum named Attica, and the defeated dead of Nagash’s invasion seek only to finally rest. All may yet be undone by Mogrek Longblade, however, as his mighty Waaagh! has champions of its own, a twisted grot shaman they name the Mooncaller and a furious Warchanter called Wapkagut. The fate of the Prime Dominon and the Iscarneth Ceraphate rests solely in your hands…

What, Where, When?

  • #DaWarpath begins June 1st
  • Pre-Registration begins June 17th
  • Open Registration and access to Coalition channels June 24th
  • Turn 0 Unfolding Narrative drops June 28th
  • Turn 1 begins July 1st
  • Turn 5 ends August 3rd
  • Player turn runs Wednesday to Saturday
  • GM turn runs Sunday to Tuesday

The Campaign Setting

Figureheads & Coalitions

Unfolding Narrative

VI Shattered Dominion