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Season 6 - Shattered Dominion

This global narrative event will take place over 10 days and two weekends (Friday 12th January to Monday 22nd January 2024), featuring five Narrative Paths. Each player will be able to submit up to 3 Reports to ONE Narrative Path of their choice. The 3 reports can be any combination of Play, Writing, Hobby, and Other Report categories.

In a new twist, one of the five Narrative Paths will be locked out, and only players attending the Las Vegas Open will be able to Report to it; likewise, worldwide players will be able to Report to the other 4 Paths.

Players will be able to fight for two Figureheads, Mogrek Longblade and Atressa Redhand . Should Mogrek crush all resistance, his Waaagh! will crash down upon the Prime Dominion like an avalanche. Should Atressa hold the line, the Prime Dominion will have time to complete countermeasures to Mogrek’s army of Rogue Idols, and ensure final victory is within reach before the war has even begun.

But, no matter the Weekender’s outcome, war will return to the Iscarneth Ceraphate in Animosity VI - Shattered Dominion , coming Summer 2024!


Leading the Iscarneth’s military is Atressa Redhand, a warrior born, her soldiers armed with experimental gunpowder weaponry of aelven manufacture. Charged with defending the Prime Dominion, she seeks to land the first blow, attacking Waaagh! Mogrek before it can reach the Ceraphate. 

Using the power of the Everwinter bound to his left hand, Mogrek has frozen the surface of the Shadowsea. Following this icey pathway for many leagues west from the shattered island of Frørholm his Rogue Idols have marched, in darkness and mists, to the coast of the Shadowsea. 

There, they’ve made landfall where the Ur-River flows into the Shadowsea: the Fiammascura Realmgate, and on the other side, the Brûlant Plains of Aqshy and the Ashfall Delta - a wide river delta with five large islands in its lazy waters.

It’s here that Atressa has chosen to make her stand alongside any who will fight beside her. She does not believe that Mogrek can be stopped here, but time can be bought with blood, and the defences of the Cerphate’s capital city Iscarion made nigh unassailable.

VI Shattered Dominion