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Season 6 - Shattered Dominion

Animosity Weekender 2024: Rolling Thunder!

Submitting Reports

  1. Da Warpath Begins on Friday 5th January 2024.
  2. Registration for Coalitions (either Mogrek's Longblades or Atressa's Redhands) and access to Coalition Channels.
  3. The Weekender begins on Friday 12th January 2024 and runs until 22nd January, for a single turn (lasting 10 days). Players have from 12:01AM on Friday to 11:59PM on Monday 22nd January to submit their reports. All times are in EDT (which is UTC-5).
  4. Players submit reports to aid their coalition. To submit a report, players click the “Submit Report!” link below(which will take you to a Google Form page) and fill out the submission form.
  5. There are four different report types available – Play, Writing, Hobby, Other . Each player can submit up to 3 Reports to ONE Narrative Path of their choice. The 3 reports can be any combination of report categories. The guidelines for these types of report can be found in the New Players Guide .
  6. Each Coalition will be presented with Narrative Paths – these represent the options available to the coalition during the turn, and are what players dedicate their reports to. When you submit a report, you will need to select which Narrative Path you want your report to count towards – basically, which course of action you wish to pursue. Generally, players in a Coalition will confer and discuss which Narrative Paths to dedicate their collective reports to in order to achieve a particular goal on behalf of their Coalition and Figurehead.

The Weekender is Over! The final Unfolding Narrative is here.

VI Shattered Dominion