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Season 6 - Shattered Dominion

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Submitting Reports

  1. The campaign begins on 12th July 2023 and runs until 12th August, for a total of five turns (with each turn lasting a week). Players have from 12:01AM on Wednesday to 11:59PM on Saturday each week to submit their reports as a coalition. All times are in EDT (which is UTC-5).
  2. Each turn players can submit reports to aid their coalition. To submit a report, players click the “Submit Report” banner (which will take you to a Google Form page) and fill out the submission form.
  3. There are four different report types available – Play, Writing, Hobby, Other . Players are allowed to submit up to three different report types per turn. The guidelines for these types of report can be found in the New Players Guide .
  4. Each Coalition will be presented with Narrative Paths each turn – these represent the options available to the coalition during the turn, and are what players dedicate their reports to. When you submit a report, you will need to select which Narrative Path you want your report to count towards – basically, which course of action you wish to pursue. Generally, players in a Coalition will confer and discuss which Narrative Paths to dedicate their collective reports to in order to achieve a particular goal on behalf of their Coalition and Figurehead.

VI Shattered Dominion