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Season 6 - Shattered Dominion

Excerpts from Further Tales of Maudra Rua by Nicodemus Mikhail Grimm

"Come on lads, gavver round the cookpot. I 'eard somethin' real interestin' like. You listenin'? Yeah, that means you too Groppla, or I'll cuff you round that floppy ear o' yours. Or eat you. Probably that one. Anyway, I 'eard that ol' Nashwar is leadin' us to the biggest dragon what ever lived, and once we find it? She's goin' to let us eat it! And you know what's even better than that? Once you eat this Maddy Raaah, you gets to turn into a dragon yerself! Imagine the eatin' we could do once we're dragons, ey lads?"

Logg Glupgullet, butcher

"Beneath these mountains, dear saplings, lies a beast. A beast who soared through the lifesong for untold aeons, bestowing life and gifting death as it went. Many years ago, it is said, this beast settled into deep slumber, sealing its own body in cold metal beneath these very stones. Why did it do so? To protect, of course. This was a time of calamity, a time when the eggs of the draconith were in peril, as the earthquake-god trampled the realms from end to end. To shield the unborn, the great dragon Madraga, true friend to Dracothion,  sacrificed herself and cast the last remaining eggs of the Great Drake's children in metal. We have been tasked with watching over those eggs, and when the day comes and the seal breaks we must put Madraga to her final rest, as thanks for all she has done."

Aradna Willoweep, Matron of the Underbough Hatchery, mere days preceding the discovery of Maudra Rua's enmity towards Dracotheon and his children.

"One such curious tale was collected by archival assistant Marten Blackbough in the province of Lahar, by way of an innkeeper named Fairwater. Local legend tells of the geist of a colossal dragon sealed within the land itself for the supposed crime of rivalling the Great Drake of Azyr. The nomads of the Lahar Badlands worship this spirit as a god of the hunt. This "Red Maud", as they call it, is invoked for good fortune on the hunt, and many local tribes leave tribute and sacrifice at the base of a mountain of the same name. Though there are some similarities, this supposed deity seems less tangible than the God of concern to this treatise. "Red Maud," if truly such a spirit exists, should be considered only tangentially within this study."

Excerpt from "Treatise On the Old God Taarog" by Archivist Jothan Symor, recovered from the ruins of the Stormseye Archives by Lord-Imperitant Tegiris Iceblown

"-to receive word from you again. After our parting, I had feared that we may never have cause to speak again. Your inquiry does concern me somewhat, however. I have indeed heard tell of the dragon Maudra Rua during my wanderings. Mentions are vague, and scattered between numerous contradictory sources, though I have discerned some commonalities between accounts. By my reckoning, Maudra Rua still lives, to some degree. She was sealed such that part of her currently exists somewhere in Chamon, and another in your native Ghur, though the exact nature of this separation remains unclear. It heartens me that you have trusted me with at least part of your plan, but I fail to see what utility this information might be. I would urge you to remain in contact with me, and if possible provide some more detail of your plans such that I might further aid you, as a friend as well as a comrade. 

Your trusted ally,


Torn communique between unknown recipients, found amongst the remains of a downed message hawk in the Ghurlands.

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