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Season 6 - Shattered Dominion

The Cult of the Burrowing Fang began amid the splintered tribes of Ghyran. Beast worshippers and snake shamans, their struggles mattered little in the grand scheme of the realms. That changed when the serpent callers of the tribe received a grand vision. Coiling voices showed cataclysms of fire and water, and promised a champion of the Serpent Father would be found in the savage lands of Ghur. Gathering all those who had seen the visions and heard the words, they set out to cross the realm of life and find their promised messiah. It was this pilgrimage that forged the Cult. Only the strongest tribesmen endured, yet under their shamans’ apocalyptic preachings their numbers swelled. Savage humans and aelves, black-bearded and iron-hearted duardin, and bestial creatures of the jungle heard the calling of the Coiling Ones, and together made the slow journey across realms. Their faith was rewarded, for in the steaming foetid jungles of Ghur they discovered their champion. A Saurus warchief, long coalesced of the savage and free energies of the beastlands, appeared before them like a demigod of the Serpent Father. The Cult gave him a name, Voice-of-Embers, and swore to follow where he led.

Under the direction of their newfound messiah, the Cult carved a serpentine trail through the wilds of Ghur. Ages of warfaring instinct and tactical precision honed the disparate elements of the Cult into a terrifying force, yet they did not seek conquest or plunder. Invariably, their path drew them onwards, deeper into the wilds, and towards the Badlands of Lahar. There, Voice of Embers told them, they would find the instrument of the Serpent Father’s will. The flooding of the Ur-River and the restoration of the sundered dragon Maudra Rua have only proven the truth of their champion’s words.

The Cult that now assails the Bleeding Wilds is a strange and motley assortment. At its core are the remnants of the splintered fang tribes that first began the pilgrimage from Ghur, and a small warhost of saurus that Voice of Embers has swayed to his vision. Around them are a savage assortment of humans, elves, duardin, beastmen and more. A sigmarite city-dweller might dismiss the lot as a Chaos horde, yet to do so would be to discount a wide range of beliefs and cultures rallied around a single core promise - to overthrow the tyranny of the heavens.



Bred for war and honed on the battlefields of ages, the sun-blooded Saurus champion lived only to serve the Great Plan espoused by the Slann mage-priests. Yet faith broken is a deadly venom. The last survivor of a Scale Cohort sent into the wilds of Ghur, he was left to coalesce in the realm of beasts for many long years. In this place, so like the wild jungles that sang in his deepest memories, he realized a shattering truth. The Slann had become everything he had been created to fight against. The chains that had enslaved his people were even deeper and more insidious than those of the dark gods, for they were built into the very core of his being. No more. It was in these savage lands that the Cult found him, led by visions of a messianic champion. They gave him a new name - Voice-of-Embers, whose words would spread fire to the stars. Driven by renewed purpose, Voice of Embers swore to free his kind and all the realms from the tyrannous order of the Slann.

VI Shattered Dominion