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Season 6 - Shattered Dominion

the-wolves-of-agora.jpg From out of the ice and shadows of the rim stalk the longships of the Wolves of Agöra. Bedecked in frost-bitten steel and salt-hardened leathers, these hulking raiders terrorise the coasts of the Sea of Shadows. Their attacks are swift and without warning, often striking at the most heavily defended targets with a skill and speed born from relentless training. Helmed by goroan exiles, known to most of the realms as ogroids, humans, duardin, aelves, beastfolk and more can be found in their ranks. Greenskins, however, are exceptionally rare due to the ancient grudge the goroans bear for their betrayal at the hands of Gorkamorka's children.

The Wolves sail from their fortress island of Tor Agöra. Founded by goroan exiles and blademasters, the small island is both a haven and a reminder of the homeland that they lost. Many seek out Tor Agöra to learn the arts of war and gladiatorial combat. Few survive the journey across the Sea of Shadows and the brutal training that follows. Only the best, those that surpass even their fellow hardened survivors, are offered a place among the Wolves. Those that do are bonded beyond rare or creed, as sure in the blade or shield of their neighbour as they are in their next breath.

At the heart of the Tor is the small group of free goroans. Bound as their race is to Archaeon’s service, most ogroids rarely see others of their kind, and never more than a few in one place. Yet on this small island, their near-extinct culture is growing once more. Those chosen for a place among the Wolves learn the goroan language both as a sign of respect and as an impenetrable battlefield tongue. Goroan magics, bound in runes upon the skin, are gifted to those who distinguish themselves and are hardy enough to bear the power they carry. Ancient stories are told by the fires of the marvels and splendours of their homeland, of its triumphs and its ultimate doom. Yet with this revival has come an ancestral yearning to return to those ancient homelands, and an uneasy tension has been steadily growing. The Wolves of Agöra have outgrown their small island, and have turned to their leader once more.

Kul-Brimir, the Old Bull

The lord of Tor Agöra is the Ogroid Myrmidon Kul-Brimir. Like many of his kind, he served for years training the Everchosen's armies and fighters for the pits of the Eightpoints. When the tides of war turned against the lord he served, he felt his service to the Empty Throne had been fulfilled, and struck out with a small band of loyal myrmidons and gladiators in training to find their own home. Called 'the Old Bull', he has been training warriors for decades. His fur has turned silver-gray in places and become as strong as spun steel. For years, Kul-Brimir's dreams have turned to the ancestral homeland of the goroa, lost to the hordes of Destruction so long ago. Each passing night the instinctive urge to return grows stronger, yet even the tribe’s strongest thaurmaturges could not foresee a path to reclaiming it. That has changed. Visions haunt him of an ancient blade, trapped in ice, that promises the power to reclaim what was lost. Omens appear wherever he looks. Gathering his own ship and crew, the Old Bull has set his mind to finding this relic, and none will stand in his way.

Character hooks for if your PC is a member of The Wolves of Agöra

  • You are a goroan exile seeking to reclaim your lost ancestral homeland.
  • You lead a warband of sea raiders in the service of Kul-Brimir, and sail with him to claim this lost relic.
  • As a veteran of a hundred gladiatorial fights you now train pit fighters and lead a band of them to honour the Old Bull’s request for aid in his quest.

Character hooks for if your PC has joined the cause of The Wolves of Agöra

  • You seek to learn the warcraft or magics of the goroans, or earn glory and fame in the arena, and have decided to pledge your aid to the Wolves in the hope you might be chosen for training.
  • You have reason to fight for the reclamation of the goroan’s ancestral homeland, perhaps to claim a home for yourself or for more esoteric reasons.
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