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Season 5 - The Fated Blade

20230622-083303.jpg Heretics, or true believers. Betrayers, or the most grievously betrayed. There are many that view the Shadowsong Renegades as the vilest of traitors, for they turned against not just the founder of their faith, but in the case of the scathborn, their very creator. Yet to the Shadowsong Renegades, they alone carry the truth of their god against the grandest lie ever told in the Mortal Realms. They have freed themselves from the control of the Shadow Queen, and reject her claim to the mantle of the Bloody-handed Khaine. Their rebellion sprang from the very heart of her temple, from her melusai handmaidens and shadowstalkers to the arena-temples in cities across the realms.

The Shadowsong were born of Morathi’s hubris, for in her arrogance she presumed ownership of the powers she had been granted, and forgot that deals with demons will always come due. Using shadow magic, she crafted the mircath shadowbrands, imbuing great power into those who enjoyed her favour or whose rise had provoked her jealousy and suspicion. Yet that magic was never hers, and as she moved to claim godhood, a voice sounded from the oldest and deepest shadows of Ulgu, where light has not touched since creation. The Whispering One, as the shadowstalkers called it, told of Morathi’s arrival to the realms, her failure and abandonment of Khaine, and the grand deception she had wrought. Only a few would listen, but that was enough. It taught them to use the shadows as even Morathi could not, and to turn the mircath against her, blinding her to their intent and hiding them from her gaze. And so, quietly, in the shadows, the rebellion against the queen who made herself oracle and avatar of a dead god began. 

Guided by auguries of blood, an important cell of the Shadowsong Renegades has set sail for the perimeter of Ulgu, hoping to be the first to claim this so-called Fated Blade for themselves. It is a great risk, for moving so openly exposes them to Morathi’s wrath, yet to the council of Shadow Queens it is a worthwhile one. At their heart march the shadowstalkers and witches that first turned against Morathi, but they are not alone. Aelves of every variety can be found among their number, some who venerate Khaine individually or seek to uphold the sanctity of the ancient pantheon, and others who have joined simply to break the power of the Shadow Queen. Humans, orruks, and shadow-bound undead can be counted among their numbers as well, as ancient pacts and promises have been called upon for this rare chance. 

Klarieth, the Sundered Glass

Klarieth, the Sundered Glass, is an unsettlingly quiet melusai shroud queen. Her emotions are hidden by her cracked mirror mask, but become all too clear when her stillness is broken by sudden bursts of violent rage when sufficiently displeased. Few know how her mask was shattered, though it is rumoured that the Shadow Queen herself dealt the blow. Before Morathi’s self-proclaimed ascension, Klarieth was a young but rising handmaiden to the High Oracle, a pinnacle of devotion and servitude. None know why she was chosen to receive the shadowbrand, or what it was that the shadows whispered to her to crack her faith, yet the deepest faith leaves the deepest betrayal. Klarieth drank deeply of the shadows, finding in them and in herself the strength to stand against her former mistress. Her search for the blade is driven by vengeance, for she has sworn before the bleeding altar to cut the Iron Heart of Khaine from Morathi herself. 

Character hooks for if your PC is a member of The Shadowsong Renegades

  • You are the leader of a band of Witch Aelves who were true Daughters of Khaine. You would have followed Morathi, as the Grand Matriarch and High Oracle, into any battle and fought any foe, but when she claimed Khaine’s mantle you realised she had lied to you your whole life.
  • Your Shadowstalkers were among the elite assassins and agents of Morathi-Khaine. This warbands has, through failure and insubordination, earned the fury of Morathi, and has sought refuge in the shadows. 

Character hooks for if your PC has joined the cause of The Shadowsong Renegades

  • You are a devotee of Khaine, or simply abhor Morathi’s desecration of the aelven pantheon, and have joined to strike against her. 
  • You serve forces that would see Morathi-Khaine struck down and her temple humbled, and have been sent to aid this insurgent force in destabilizing her rule. 
  • You are a disguised Shadow Daemon who is bound in service to the Shadowsong Renegades by your true master. You and your small coven must maintain the outward appearance of members of the Cult of Khaine.
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