Weekender’s Eve

The clock is winding down, and although Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition promises chromatic cogs with which to slow the passage of time, they haven’t been released yet…

On my end, I’ve made good progress these past couple of weeks, but with so much to prepare, “good” isn’t good enough. Although we’re no strangers to street hammer, we’ve discovered that, the more models we finish, the more we want to see the rest done, too…

Currently, our plan is to play the 3rd Ed. 40K game on Friday after Peter’s train comes in, with Silver Tower to follow after dinner. Then, it’s Firestorm at our FLGS and Silver Tower back at my place until Monday morning. On the 40K side, with the exception of basing, I’ve finished the Contemptor Dreadnoughts…


I call them Hans and Franz.

… which, in the absence of fully painted unit, assures they’re going to burn by the bottom of Turn 2, tops. And, although I’m happy with how my test Legionnaires came out (sans iconography transfers), I vastly underestimated how long “silver and gold” actually takes to paint.


… Hans and Franz, pre-sarcophagi.

On the Silver Tower side of things, I’ve finished a few more models, and made a lot of progress basecoating a bunch more. I must say, this game’s sculpts are NOT novice friendly. I’ve been in this hobby for over a decade, and every one of these models has been a challenge.


They do the splits.



Although I had planned to rebase them all on clears after I finish painting them… I just can’t be bothered, and then I wouldn’t be able to host trials in my town’s newly-opened Games Workshop location. Instead, I’m going with a satin black.




Alas, only a single unit of Knights of the Order of the Pale Saint will be (re)finished in time, although I’ve assembled/repaired a number of other models to flesh out (see what I did there?) the Court.  These guys are definitely a lot of fun to paint, and now that I’m dialing in the paint scheme, I don’t expect the rest to take long at all… probably. Looking at you, Iron Warriors…

Peter’s done much better than myself, knocking out the Death Watch one after another:


From left to right:  Brother Hugh, Lord-Celestant Steelios, Sister Guilia, Brother Paulus, Sister Callie, the Ivory Crown, and Brother Hans… the Iron Warrior.

Interestingly enough, Lord-Celestant Steelios is based on an old Animosity character of mine, Stee Anders. A hurt soul who buries his pain with rage, he survived the Realm of Chaos as a slave pit-fighter, only to be reforged by Sigmar’s hand in the Mortal Realms.


Lord-Celestant Steelios, the World Eater, The Bearer of Wrath, the Once-Forged, the Master of Death, the Azyr Maul, the Untamed, the Burning, the First, Humbler of Princes, the Bloody Hand of Sigmar, the Gladiator, the Champion of the Pits, the Redeemed, the Twice-Honored, Hero of Heroes, First of the Watch, Companion of Rage.

The other members of the Watch are original characters. A World-That-Was grognard like myself, Peter has expressed how the Mortral Realms have allowed him to craft backstories inspired by historical precedent, but not bound to it, the way the Old World was very clearly 16th-century-smashed-with-Tolkein.


Sister Guilia the Sole Consul, the Counselor, Feller of Kalathraxx, the Statesman, the Voice of Reason, the Ever-Defiant, the Last Defender, the Fifth, the Senator, Heaven’s Light, the Bane of Traitors, the Loyal Steward, the Courageous Citizen, the Leader of the Thirteenth.


Sister Rebecca, the Beloved of Eternity, the Dusk Raider, the Denied, the Guardian of Death, the Nineteenth. She counts-as a Lord-Castellant… if you couldn’t tell by the halberd and lantern.


Brother Holtz, the Black Templar, Sigmar’s Fire, the Holy Warrior, the Watchful, the Eyes of Azyr, the Seventeenth. Based on an old Animosity NPC whom I vehemently hated, you can read more about him here.


Sister Ilos the Flameborne, the Unburnt, the Crowned, the Fearless, the Sword of Righteousness, the Tongue of Wrath, the Salamander, the Ever-Faithful, the Unbending Defender, the Infernal Guard, Handmaiden of the Empress, the Trinity, the Shield of Truth, the Thrice Sworn, the Unmasked. Her backstory is one of my favorite examples of Peter’s philosophy about creating lore in the Mortal Realms.

Needless to say, with less than 48 hours to go until models hit the table, the Pale Saint and his Court are looking forward to eating their unique, historied, well-painted brains…

Be sure to check back Friday night for the first batrep- or follow us at @AnimosityCmpgns or myself at @OldStonebeard .


Soon, my obsolete pretties…

The Animosity Weekender

Once upon a time, there was an idea for a two-day narrative event, meant to run alongside the Mountaineer GT. That idea fell through, but plans had already been made, multitudinous schemes and plots which could not be easily undone. Two old friends, refugees from the World-That-Was living realms apart, suddenly discovered that they would be in the same place, at the same time, for 48 hours, with no event to attend.

Thus began the Animosity Weekender.

Between Friday evening and Monday morning June 1st through the 4th, my friend / fellow NEO Peter Charles and myself, Alex Polimeni, will endeavor to play the final 3 trials of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, complete an entire Firestorm campaign between an all-HERO Stormcast Eternal army and a Flesh-Eater Court, as well as fight a 1250 point, 3rd Ed. Warhammer 40k battle between Imperial Guard and Chaos Space Marines, the latest (but far from last) battle in a slow-burn narrative campaign.

Now, everything’s ready, and by ready, I mean, assembled yet largely unpainted. If we want our games to actually look pretty, we have to go to work for a living. By which, I mean, probably not, if we stand any chance of getting everything painted in time… like this big ol’ bin of re-purposed aquarium scenery and Games Workshop terrain kits:


Fun fact: that’s not all of it

Silver Tower’s coming along, but it’s been a work-in-progress since last summer, when Peter and I first started playing through it with the help of my girlfriend, Katie, and her Grey Seer.


Worst part is, both their characters cast magic missile

Since then, we’ve found time to play 6 of the 9 trials, including missing Peter’s train home our desperate rush to wrap up the Trial of Ulgu after an Ogroid Thaumaturge appeared during a random event, kicked the hell out of our party, and then got curbstomped by a random companion who stuck around only long enough to save our skins.


Yes, that’s a Fyreslayer saving a cornered Grey Seer. You’re welcome.

Since then, I’ve painted our cowardly, self-serving MVP, Peter’s Misteaver Saih, largely out of respectful spite…


This model is not your friend and will gladly let you die to save itself

… but, the rest remains in half-basecoated purgatory as of this writing.

Now, the shoe’s on the other foot with the Firestorm campaign. Peter’s been developing an elite chamber of Stormcast Eternals called the Death Watch and assembled entirely from HEROs using the Lords of the Storm warscroll battalion. You can read a few of their backstories on Peter’s TGA blog, Tales of Azyr. Know this: they’re each of them a legend reforged, as unique as the Reaper miniatures representing them:


The Death Watch will fight to prevent the Court of the Pale Saint from claiming the Prismatikon and scouring clean the Flamescar Plateau, so as to build a new sanctuary utopia from the ashes to rival Azyrheim itself. I’m reworking a partially-finished FEC army I picked up from a friend; below you can see two of the humble, stoic knights of the Pale Order.


But that’s not all! The siege of Brigannion IV began with a flavor blurb in the 4th Ed. Chaos Space Marine codex and Peter’s sprawling, third-party Imperial Guard army. Now, the Conclave fights to claim the Planet of Steel for the Imperium, beginning with an attempted (and routed) decapitation strike on my daemon-warsmith Manneus Drath… fought on a hotel bed:


That’s a bunker, not an arts & crafts castle on an iPad

While Inquisitor Grossman’s foolhardy attempt on Drath’s life was soundly thrashed, the Conclave secured the landing zones of the oil-wastes, and advanced on my defenses, crushing Apostle Togast and his summoned Bloodthirster through sheer weight of fire.


Warzone: future in-law’s kitchen counter

Now, Task Force Emerald closes in through the southern chem-jungles; Drath has dispatched his reserves, the 18th Grand Company, to counter them. In this dense foliage, neither side will be able to bring their artillery to bear… fortunately for me, the Iron Warriors have other toys.


Not pictured: the second Contemptor dreadnought

So… yeah! Stay tuned as it goes down; follow this blog, our twitter @AnimosityCmpgns, or my personal twitter @OldStonebeard.

Should be good fun.


Unlike this post, the to-be-painted pile knows no end.